Processed foods harm your body and seriously impact learning.

Educate yourself on process foods!

Let’s eat better so we can help our children become better educated, make healthy choices and live a better life. This will improve their brain function and mean that they can get on with learning those all-important multiplication facts quickly and easily!

Food that has been produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers is known as organic food. Do you often feel unwell and do your children lack energy and vitality? It could be what you are eating and what you are feeding them. If we want our children to be alert and able to learn, not just multiplication and times tables but a whole range of skills, then it is important we get their nutrient right.
Why else would you choose to eat organic food? We pay a lot in terms of flavour and nutrition to eat perfect-looking food. Organic food might have an occasional bruise on its flesh – but so does food that’s been sprayed with harmful chemicals. Organic food, though, are generally fresher and more flavourful.
Your body has to process everything you put into it and eliminate what it cannot digest. If your food contains toxins in the form of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, your body has to figure out a way to get rid of the toxins. When the body cannot get rid of toxins fast enough, it stores them until it has time to eliminate them. This can lead to many health problems.
Most farmers use harmful pesticides to produce food. Many of these have been found to be carcinogenic. It figures, then, that by reducing our exposure to these harmful toxins that we can improve our overall health. The body works hard to eliminate toxins. The body should not have to work so hard to do this as it has other important jobs to do such as fight off bacteria, viruses and cancerous cells. Toxins are bad for us and we and our children would feel a lot better if we did not have to fight off excessive toxins every day. Some people are more sensitive to toxins than other and so it would be a much better choice to eliminate them from your diet whenever possible. Start with fruit and veg and then move on to organic meat. I have noticed the difference in vitality, health and my skin is a lot calmer than it used to be. Give your child a fighting chance, go organic wherever possible.


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