How to Motivate a Child who is Unmotivated and by Dreaming Big and beyound- 4 TIPS

How to Motivate a Child who is Unmotivated and Beyond by Dreaming Big – 4 TIPS

When you dream big, your children can dream big.

 So, how to motivate your child for school and beyond by dreaming big? Help yourself and in turn you help your children! Helping your child does not have to stop with school homework; help your child to articulate what they  want in life and show them how they can achieve their dreams.
I am sure – like so many of us – you have times when you think about what you could have done with your life. How it could have been different. We all dream. This is just a natural part of being human. We dream about that great job, having more money and having everlasting happiness and wonderful relationships with family and friends. Often, many of our dreams do not transpire and soon they become a forgotten memory.

This is a sad turn of events in our lives. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in self-actualization, we get caught up just living for each day as it comes along.

I think it is important for us to allow our children to dream higher and to have high expectations of themselves. We should not limit them to what we achieved – your children should do better than you, with each generation surpassing the other. It does not have to be a major thing, but without progress we will stand still.

The major issue with thinking about being successful and achieving your dreams is that for many of us, it feels as if they are unobtainable. If you articulate that you cannot do it, cannot reach your goals – then you are stopping yourself from reaching your true potential.

1: I can do it. I will do it. These are the words that you should be using.

It goes without saying that there have been many people throughout history that have experienced self-doubt and lack of support from family and friends. However, many have (and continue to persevere with) innovative ideas and new creations, making the world a better place.

2: Let’s be realistic, we don’t want our dreams to be so outlandish that we probably will not act on them. But, if you know they are outlandish, why don\’t you refine them until they become obtainable and you are able to dream that they might just happen one day, with your own will power and action. Action is key. Take action and many things can be achieved.

3: Don’t second guess yourself. Remove all negativity from your mind and help your child to dream big. Reach out and set goals for what you want and dream big. Let your dreams be focused and your actions will fall in step with reality. They may be dreams but by working consistently towards them, you will be one step closer. You are the only one stopping yourself. Take action and move forward.

4: Dream big and let your children be motivated to dream big. Life is all for the living!

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