Fun Family Activities Can Include Cycling

Fun Family Activities Can Include Cycling
Staying fit and healthy has never been so important, given the sedentary jobs and lifestyle that most of us lead. There is no need for anyone to be caught up with the perfect body; indeed, there is no such thing – apart from the Photo-shopped body and even that falls short of perfection! It is more important to feel good about ourselves and our bodies. Excepting that no one is perfect, and the ideal body does not even have a definition, will help us to have a healthy mind and body. However, exercise in some form or shape is good for the heart and good for the body and mind! Childhood obesity is on the rise in many countries. We all want to help our children to stay fit and healthy and so by doing some form of family exercise together would be a great start. Great for bonding. Great for conversation. Great for getting the kids away from the TV, games or eating!  Great for a clear mind!
I know that parents only want the best for their children. Helping your children to maintain an appropriate weight is something that can be done as a family unit. I love cycling as it does not feel as if I am exercising, more like I am cruising around!  Kids love to have fun and this is a great way to get all the exercise they need for one day and have fun at the same time.
It is not difficult to start cycling.Purchase an inexpensive but good quality bike, a helmet, and some luminous jackets and there you have it! Cycling with the children is excellent for parents as it is a perfect stress-free way to spend time with the kids. If you are not confident on the main roads, just start by cycling in the park. Indeed, you don’t need to cycle far. Just go around the block or a park. Start with small rides and then build up slowly. Make sure bikes are well maintained and serviced before use and teach kids some of the basic road traffic signs. No point in trying to do a Tour de France, children will just become frustrated and probably revert to nesting at home.
It is amazing how quickly the body can adapt to a new exercise regime and cycling for exercise is the same as any other exercise regime. Once the family gets into it and use to the movement and bumps in the road, it will become easier and they will grow stronger and build up their endurance and ability. Once everyone is stronger and has more resilience, then it is time to explore further afield and to plan days out which will include cycling.
So, yes, cycling is exercise but it quickly becomes an activity that can be full of enjoyment and laughter, and who does not want to see their children and family laugh and smile together? 

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