How to Find Time to Exercise with A Busy Schedule Doesn\’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

Finding the time to do exercise can be daunting and quite frustrating. You feel exhausted, but you know you should be physically more active. Your brain is overwhelmed with all the tasks you have to do, but you know at the back of your mind that exercise is the key to a better you. Here are a few tips to help you find time in your busy schedule to exercise.

Have Fun: Selecting activities, you enjoy will help you stick with your program. Walking, running, ice skating, roller blading, surfing, dance classes or martial arts. I could go on. The key is to find something you like and stick with it.

Need a fitness organiser. Here is a good one here:
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Work around the kids:
If you have younger kids and find it difficult to schedule in exercise into your busy schedule, do a workout video in the living room while they play in their bedrooms. Or take them to the park or your garden.

Get the Kids Involved:
Take the little ones out in a stroller. Push that stroller round the park! Jog with them. Interact with your child/red. Walk them around the park. You can even stop here and there to do strength exercises.

Don’t just watch TV:
Get up and dust or sweep whilst watching. Read how many calories you can burn doing household chores here. You can see just as well if you are standing and doing something! Use the commercial breaks to do some stretches or lunges, jumps, hops and skip!

Be A Morning Person:
I find that if you schedule exercise for the mornings, you are more likely to do it. By finding the time to exercise with a busy schedule in the morning, you continue to burn calories after the workout is done. By keeping your metabolism at a high level, you will burn calories throughout the day, this has got to be a good thing!

Find Time During the Weekend:
If your week days are really busy. Use the weekends to fit in the majority of your exercises. Remember throughout the week you will be doing small task that will help you be active. Try to fit in just one or two during the week and the rest at the weekend. This will take the pressure off you, but make sure you schedule them in and stick to them.

How to Find Time to Exercise with A Busy Schedule Doesn\’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

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