How to pass GCSE maths foundation 2022 Make Maths Fun

Time to Pass your GCSE Maths or SATs
An overwhelming majority of pupils do not reach their full potential in maths and that is not because they are not ‘good’ at it. Most of the time, they repeatedly fail either because they have special educational needs, bored with the maths at school,  cannot understand the maths concepts and or have a  teacher/ tutor that does not make it interesting.
I passed! 

The challenge for tutors is how to offer the assistance required to build their confidence and enjoyment of maths. Maths is fun!   Children should start learning the basic concept when they are young. Do not leave it until there GCSE exams.  However, even if your child is not predicted a pass orthey state they hate maths, there is still hope.  They can still get that much-anticipated C (under new guidelines – a 4) and pass their GCSE Maths exams.

What I do…
I have been teaching math GCSE and primary maths  online via my interactive academy (also face-to-face lessons) for many years.  I have a Higher Teaching Qualification in maths and many years’ experience teaching maths / numeracy  to children that find maths a challenge.  I help prepare them mentally and emotionally for their exams! It does not matter if your child understands maths or even likes mathematics at all. In the end, they will surely love the utterly heart-filling sensation of being an achiever in maths!
You can find testimonials from parents and students here!
I find profound gratification in introducing a child that doesn’t like mathematics to the beautiful world of maths. Truth be told, I am not too fond of same-old, same-old teaching methods that bore the pants off students!  Instead, don’t be surprised if you hear enthusiastic discussions and laughter during my lessons – both for primary maths and secondary school maths.  My lessons theatrical and interactive; this helps children start to enjoy the learning process. And, trust me, it works!  My pass rate is normally 90%, with most the students getting a 4 or above (the old C level) and obtaining a good result in their SATs test.
It is essential for a child to be able to trust you, your knowledge, and your pure intention to help them achieve in maths. Plus, teaching has to be fun, too! For that reason, my lessons are much more than a strict student-teacher session; they are creative, effective, and enjoyable, all at the same time.
I recall a teenager that had failed his GCSE three times before he came to me. After teaching him for 2 months, he passed with 175/200!
How I do it…
I use several different teaching methods, depending on the child’s idiosyncrasy and particular requirements or needs. For instance, we may: watch a video which I discuss with them; play an educational board game with other students; play games online against each other; I teach from the whiteboard and they teach me and their friends what they learn from the whiteboard!  It is critical for me to have students teach their peers on the wipe board as I have seen exceptional learning results from following this technique.
Also, expect your child to have homework on the given topic to ensure they can do what needs to be done. To make sure they can do what is required, I build a subject gradually:
1.                  First, I teach a small part.
2.                  Then, I teach another part when I know for sure that the child has a full understanding of what has been previously taught.
3.                  I then teach the entire topic from start to end.
4.                  I give a test to check how well the child has comprehended the specific subject.
5.                  I re-teach the same topic 6 weeks later (but change it up and teach it quicker). A test may also be handed out at this point to help build on prior knowledge.
Working Hand in Hand with Parents
For all this to work, I really need parents/ carersto be on board. You and I together can makegreat strides and get the results we all want. This is teamwork, so I always appreciate supportive parents. If you believe in your child’s abilities and skills, your son or daughter will know, and will give their best to this joint effort. I have seen this happen repeatedly excel.

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