Fun Activities Count From 1 – 20 Help For Children

How to Help Your Child Count From 1 – 20 

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Counting is not just about reciting numbers. It also involves understanding the order of numbers and the idea of counting on.  Counting is an important skills for children to master. Check out some useful ways to help your child to count.
Why counting is important 
Counting is more than teaching children the order of numbers, it also helps them understand the meaning of these numbers.
Another importance of teaching numbers for preschoolers is that it helps them resolve everyday problems quickly. For instance, you can ask your child to count the number of juice boxes in the refrigerator to help you take stock. Children can also learn counting to help them sort out different types of items.
What should children count?
Children should be able to count from 1 – 20. Children need to know numbers and number names. Counting is a key skill that will develop the decision-making process of a child. As children begin to learn to count, they will start identifying the value of each number. It will boost their numeracy and help them add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers to solve simple mathematical problems.
Children should count different things, these could be colorful beads, magnetic numbers, bouncing balls, tower of blocks for building , cars or even chocolate bars! It does not matter what they are counting as long as they do so. 
How adults can help with counting?
Adults can help with children learn to count counting by encouraging different counting activities.
Dance Steps
 One quick and fun way to teach counting is to invent some quick dance steps. Simply show the kids how to count their steps in 1,2,3 and perform a dance move. To make it fun, simply add a dance step to every 3 numbers. For example, add a dance step to 1,2,3; then add another dance step to 4,5,6, and so on.
You can also use the colorful abacus to teach counting numbers 1-20. These are large and colorful beads that can be used in teaching counting. Simply line up all the beads on the left side, and let your child slide one bead at a time to the right and call out the number until they slide all the beads to the right. Not only will this activity help count numbers, but it will also help in color recognition and sharpening their fine motor skills.

I have written a book for children called \’No More Counting\’. This book encourages children to recite numbers to 20 and also count objects. Adults can also use this book to teach counting on. Counting on means that you start with the biggest number and then count up from there. For example, to add 5+3, start with the “5” and then count up, “6, 7, 8.” This is to discourage students from counting like this: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5. No More Counting of numbers is available today.  

Ways to encourage counting?
There are several ways of encouraging counting through Counting to 20 activities.
– Spread magnetic numbers out in no particular order or arrange cookies with numbers on them on a cooking sheet and let the child search and rearrange them in order.
– You can also encourage counting in children by cutting their favorite food in pieces. As they master the number gradually, simply cut out more pieces until they reach 20.
– Singing songs with kids is one of the most beautiful parts of childhood, it can also be harnessed to help children with counting.  As you sing along with your child, together you can accomplish one task after the other and help them memorize one number after the other, in sequence.

Have fun with counting. It is an important skills for young children to master, but one it has been mastered it will lead so many more mathematical journeys.

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