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Hi my name is Nina and I am an online tutor-NinaLaZina. I have worked as a tutor for over ten years. Learning should be fun and stress-free.


Thanks for all you input, Nina. The saying is so true ‘ it takes a community to educate and raise a child’. She could not have done it without your input. I cannot believe how responsible and hardworking she now is and working to achieve so much more. Thank you!
Fee – Student 2000
( Now in her 20’s. She has completed her degree and is working in health care! )

Fantastic tutor! I could not have asked for better.
My son tried twice, unsuccessfully, to pass his GCSE maths. We undertook the help of a tutor, Nina,  and within 6 weeks she unpicked the problem and set him on the right track. He passed! He achieved his  grade C with a grand score of 175/200 ( quite phenomenal for a foundation pass). Thank you so much.
Sharon ( parent) 2016

I could not have done it with out you!  Thank you for helping me to pass my English and maths exams.
Student 2017

To Nina LaZina
Words cannot express how much I appreciate what you have done in these two years. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without you. May Jesus be with you in the long run. From Joe ( student) 2017

Throughout my five years of secondary school I did not understand  maths, not one bit. This was mainly because I did not have the knowledge needed to do the math problems.  I started to tell myself it did not matter if I passed or failed. This all changed when I joined Nina’s tuition group. Nina motivated me and believed in me. She does her utmost to ensure all her students receive the grade they deserve. Thanks for everything, Nina.Snakes and Ladders Game by NinaLaZina                                       

Just played this with my 9 year old. we both enjoyed it. Love the fact that it also includes some literacy as well. She actually learned the name of a new snake :). looking forward to more like this. October 24, 2017 (Buyer of a game)

Snakes and Ladders Game by NinaLaZina                                       

This is an awesome game that I played with my six year old fun while you learn. Times table and the names of snakes love it, l look forward to many more enjoyable games. October 24, 2017 (Buyer of a game)

Thank you! It was mainly because of you. Thank you again for helping me. I got a distinction! Bee – Student 2018 – English oral exam.

Thank you for all the help you have given me this year. You have built up my confidence in maths and English. Have a great summer.

Am – Student 2018 ( Thank you card received from student)
Thank you for all your help and support you have given this year.

J and K – Student 2018  ( Thank you card received from two students)

Just wanted to send you a copy of  termly school report which has just arrived.
We can clearly see the positive progress that’s been achieved under your guidance and tutoring. I’m pleased to see she’s achieved a higher rate of progress in English and maths (was never really concerned about English but the maths makes me smile as that was the area that required focus).
It’s important for me that you should also feel proud of her results as you have assisted in getting her to this point. Thank you so much for all your hard work Nina, long may it continue.
 Denise (Parent) 2018

I was very sceptical about online as my child is in primary school. Nina has made it fun and online is a great way to learn. It also means I do not have to travel with my child. A greats service. Highly recommended. Year 4 parent

My daughter really enjoys the lessons online. I feel she is doing really well I like that you are teaching her things that she is doing at school. I have seen an improvement in her school work. I also like the fact that you are teaching her things that are a bit more challenging as well. Thank you for being a great Tutor! Year 4 parent 2020

Nina is a very good tutor and is very nice. She helps with the things I am weak in. I have been with her for a very long time and teaches very well. She has helped in some of the things that are very difficult and gives an easy way to do things.  year 8 student 2020