Online Lessons For Students


1: I use Skype and  Twiddla.  Sometimes the sound delay on Skype and Twiddla is too long. When the delay is too long, I may decide to call directly using my mobile phone. However,  calling will not incur any additional costs for you.  

2: Also, if you do not want to download Skype,  I can call directly using my mobile phone but we will still use Twiddla

3:  Twiddla is an online collaboration tool that\’s easy to use, doesn\’t require any downloads or complicated firewall configuration. It\’s like having a whiteboard skin on top of any web page. I will send a meeting room code link and that is used to enter the room for each lesson.

4: My Skype ID is nina.lazina

5: Worksheets will be sent directly to an email before the lesson.  Please make sure you send me an email address.

6:  I can check homework during the lesson,however, if you are not using Skype or the homework has many pages, then please take a picture and send it to be via email.

Checklist for parents:
1: Download Skype or purchase a pay as you go phone, if you do not want to use Skype or m to
conduct the lesson on your phone. I can use the student\’s phone if they have one.
2: Purchase a laser printer.
There are many inexpensive ones you can buy. The ink lasts longer than an ink jet. I will not send many items for you to print.
3: Send me your email address – if I have not got it.
4: Please make payments in advance and check with Lloyd that your payment has been received.
5: Purchase white paper for your printer.

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