Fun and Games Learning to Spell

How to Help Children Learn to Spell

Learning to spell is crucial, as it lays a foundation that children need throughout their education and lifetime. Learning to spell is also important because it consolidates the connection between sounds and letters. Without giving proper help with learning to spell, children will struggle to spell different words correctly, and the repetition of writing such words down repeatedly may not help.

Children that acquire solid spelling skills also tend to write more fluently, clearly and precisely.  Spelling is not only important for improved English vocabulary, but it can also be of great benefit in other subjects such as maths and science.

Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Spelling
If a child is struggling with spelling, there are fun ways to help them improve. You do not need expensive software to achieve this. These fun ways are a great way to help a child to learn to spell words:

1  Teach  children spelling through downloadable games and puzzles

Interacting with children by playing different spelling games is a fun and enjoyable activity.

– Play the “Add a letter” game where you and the child contributes a letter at a time to form a word.

– You may also like to play the “Missing letter game” with them, where you write down words but leave one or more blank spaces to allow children to guess and figure them out.

-NinaLaZina printable snakes and ladders spelling game is a fun way to learn to spell for all the family. This game helps with reinforcing spellings. 
2    Other fun ways to teach children to learn to spell well

– You may want to create a spelling word song for teaching spelling. The connection between literacy and music is real, and if you and the child are creative, you can create your own tunes. A child that loves music will probably learn to spell words quicker while having fun singing.

-The word memory game is another unique way to learn to spell words. Simply create 2 sets of flashcards with the spelling words. You may want to write each word on different coloured cards and play the game like any other memory game.

– Tracing words in rainbow colours is another fun way of teaching children to become competent at spelling. Arrange letters of a word in rainbow colours, and let your child pronounce each letter as you point to each colour in the rainbow.

– Word search is also a good way to learn to spell word. Word searches provide variety to educational exercises. Not only are they different from other educational exercises, you can target the difficulty level of each word search.    
By using a variety of techniques to help children with spelling, you will soon see an improvement in their spelling and an increase in their vocabulary. This may inspire them to use ambitious vocabulary when they are writing and will definitely improve their confidence.