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English, maths and science tuition – from primary school to secondary school.

TERM DATES 2021 to 2022

Fees – from as little as £50 per month.

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Our Tuition

NinaLaZina is a supportive and friendly online tuition service for English, maths and science – for primary school and secondary school. We are 100% committed to giving children and teenagers the best possible start in life. We provide excellent online education, build a solid foundation in learning together and promise to help every child fulfill their true potential.  Learning  English, maths and science online with NinaLaZina tutors is enjoyable. NinaLaZina uses a range of learning resources to keep children and teenagers engaged in an enjoyable environment and boost their self-confidence through group or one-to-one sessions.

Online tutoring takes the hassle out of parents having to commit additional time transporting children to lessons; learning can start immediately without the need for all the necessaries that come with travelling.

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How we teach

Tuition – Online Learning of English, Maths and Science with NinaLaZina Tutors. 

NinaLaZina Online Tutoring Academy makes use of visuals, videos, puzzles, games and other interactive elements to make learning fun, engaging and enjoyable.

Homework is set regularly, and students are expected to complete all homework. Homework is set in-line with the topic they are studying, so students should have no problem completing the work.

What do they study?

Students can now study maths or English individually.  However, we recommend they study both. A one-hour lesson is split into maths and English, so you pay no extra for them studying both.

If you wish your child to  study one  subject only (either maths or English)  for an hour, then this can be arranged as a one-to-one lessons. Lessons last for an hour, but you can book additional slots.

You can specify that you only want one-to-one lessons, but our experience has taught us that students learn more productively when they are interacting with other students. Our small groups of up to four students are ideal for this, as your child will be working and learning with students that have similar abilities.

How are groups organised?

Does my child take an initial test? No. We get to know your child via the work they do in the lessons and homework. We would then decide if their current group is the best group for them.

Many of our students find taking online lessons more comfortable since they are at home and benefit from having the a very experienced NinaLaZina tutor with a proven track record that otherwise may be difficult to access from their local area.  

We use the same NinaLaZina Tuition success material and follow a carefully planned teaching programme according to the student’s cognitive needs, as well as teach extensive exam technique.

In additional, during the online tutorials, our tutors record the pupil’s progress and set homework to reinforce what they have learnt and to test their knowledge when they work independently.

What will the students need?

  • computer – desk top or laptop
  • a Skype account,
  • a broadband /fibre optic internet connection.
  • a web camera (usually comes with device),
  • a printer to print our worksheets,
  • and a headset for better sound quality (optional).

To enjoy our online maths tutorials, a student needs:

Choosing the Best Online Tuition Service

NinaLaZina selects only the best tutors. That is why we have an excellent track record of parents continually using us to get the best outcomes for their children.

Our tutors are good at being patient. They give students the time to understand information and answer questions. Different students learn at different rates, and we ensure they have the benefit of time.

Our tutors challenge students. In helping to believe in themselves, children can raise their levels of expectation and know that the results will be positive.

Our tutors are good at teaching how to learn. They not only teach but guide students through the process of learning, helping them become better, more confident learners.

Our tutors adapt the lessons to the student’s needs, are punctual and reliable. We give your child the independence they need to be life-long learners. Learning  English, maths and science Online With NinaLaZina Tutors

Our Mission

Tutors at NinalaZina are on a mission to help children learn and better themselves. If you want the best for your child, then only the best tutors will do. 

Tutoring online is convenient and cost-effective, but you also want to have trust in tutors that can and will make a difference in your child’s life and help them succeed in school and life. At NinaLaZina, our team does just that.

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